Estate Properties

DALTON from the Old English (language of the Anglo-Saxons) dael ‘valley’ or Old Norse (language of the Vikings) dalr ‘valley’ + Old English tun ‘farmstead’, ‘enclosure’, ‘manor’

Quintessentially English, the Dalton Hall Estate has been held in the same family since the late 1700’s and its boundaries correspond to the historic Manor of Dalton which was first recorded as Daltun in the Domesday Book of 1086

Very much a modern forward thinking Estate, Dalton Hall has residential cottages, farms and forestry, a self storage facility, a woodland burial ground and has now developed the Dalton Hall Business Centre to further diversify the Estate, ensuring continued sustainable opportunities for future generations and businesses into the 21st century. The latest and still ongoing project is to connect all properties to the B4RN fibre optic network which offers broadband speeds of up to 1000Mbps

The Dalton Hall Business Centre was the winner in the RICS North West Awards 2008 in the Building Conservation Category – “Honouring outstanding work in the conservation or renewal of a particular area or structure group or buildings / structures, this award covers renovation to a new or original use”

“Set within the stunning landscape of the Dalton Hall Estate, the Dalton Hall Business Centre is a rural regeneration project which has transformed heritage model farm buildings into a successful rural business centre, now occupied by local and regional businesses employing over 50 people. The project also includes a meeting room for the use of the wider community for meetings, conferences and displays.

The end result of the foresight and investment of the Estate Trustees is the resurrection of an historic group of derelict and redundant buildings which retain, for the future, an important piece of both Dalton Hall Estate and our national architectural heritage.”